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युथ एज्यूकेशन & वेलफेयर सोसायटीज़
नॅशनल सीनिअर कॉलेज

नॅशनल कॅम्पस, मौलाना आज़ाद रोड, सारड़ा सर्कल,
नासिक - 0१

College ID: PU/NS/AC/106/2007
ISO 9001:2015 Certified

NAAC Accredited "B" Grade (CGPA 2.16)

AISHE ID-C-41751
Established: July 2007

Affiliated to Savitribai Phule , Pune University, Pune

E -resources

E -resources is a set of document available to electronic means by the used of digital technologies that allow for the retrieval, archiving, preservation and dissemination of those document.

Our National Senior College library also having a facility of e library, and having the membership of online e-resources database DELNET(Developing Library Network).


DELNET stands for a developing library network. It is basically resource sharing network established in 1988 initially supported by national system for science & technology Dept. of scientific & industrial Research Govt. of India. Its aims to collect, store & disseminate information.

Who Can Join DELNET

Any institution / Library interested in using DELNET resources for borrowing books from libraries, getting photocopies of articles & for research & reference & willing to contribute, Records at its library holding for resource sharing purpose among institutional members, at DELNET.

Members Of DELNET

DELNET at present has 6715 libraries as its members of which 286 libraries are in Delhi, 6407 outside Delhi in 33 states and union territories & 22 in overseas countries. Libraries interested in joining DELNET should apply a prescribe format.

Why to use DELNET or Importance


Teachers can use DELNET for their research work for PhD thesis or dissertation, or for their advance study for preparing the lectures, seminars & workshops DELNET helps to search data, information and knowledge.


Students can use DELNET for their information need of higher education, research / project work as well as advance study for their education, through e-resources available on Delnet.


Head Office of DELNET

Developing Library Network
Jawaharlal Nehru University Campus,
Nelson Mandela road,
New Delhi - 110070.

Member Of National Digital Library Of India (NDLI)

Member Of Dictionary Of Open Access Journal ( DOAJ)