Youth Education & welfare Society's National Senior College

National Campus, Mulana Azad Road, Sarda Circle, Nashik-01

युथ एज्यूकेशन & वेलफेयर सोसायटीज़
नॅशनल सीनिअर कॉलेज

नॅशनल कॅम्पस, मौलाना आज़ाद रोड, सारड़ा सर्कल,
नासिक - 0१

College ID: PU/NS/AC/106/2007
ISO 9001:2015 Certified

NAAC Accredited "B" Grade (CGPA 2.16)

AISHE ID-C-41751
Established: July 2007

Affiliated to Savitribai Phule , Pune University, Pune

B.S.C. (Computer Science) Department

About Program

It is a 3-years degree course of SavitribaiPhule Pune University. First Year, Second and Third Years are run under semester system.


  • Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC)/XII Science or equivalent with mathematics.

Course Structure: There will be four subjects at F.Y.B.S.C. (CS)

Computer Science Consist of two theory subject and two practical subject.Other subject consist of two theory subject and one practical subject.

  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Electronics
  • Statistics

Course Structure

Year Semester Subject Title of Theory Papers
I I CS-111 Problem Solving using Computer and ‘C’ programming
CS-112 Database Management System
MT-111 Matrix Algebra
MT-112 Discrete Mathematic
CSST111 Descriptive Statistics-I
CSST112 Method of Applied Statistics
ELC-111 Semiconductor Devices and Basic Electronic System
ELC-112 Principal Of Digital Electronics
II CS-121 Advance ‘C’ Programming
CS-122 Relational Database Management System
MTC-121 Linear Algebra
MTC-122 Graph Theory
CSST121 Mathematical Statistics
CSST122 Continues Probability Distributions and Testing of Hypothesis
ELC-121 Instrumentation System
    ELC-122 Basic of Computer Organisation

Laboratory Courses

Year Semester Code            Title of Practical Papers
I I CS-113 Practical Course based on CS-111 and CS-112
ELC-113 Practical
CSST113 Statistics Practical Paper-I
MTC-113 Mathematics Practical
II CS-123 Practical Course Based on CS-121 and CS-122
ELC-123 Practical
CSST-123 Statistics Practical Paper II
MTC-123 Mathematics Practical

S.Y.B.S.C. (Computer Science)-Semester System

Eligibility: F.Y B.S.C. (Computer Science) passed or passed with ATKT

There will be five courses at S.Y. B.S.C. Computer Science namely-
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Electronics
  • English
  • Compulsory course in Environmental Awareness

In computer Science two theory subject and two practical courses. In Mathematics and Electronics two theory subject and two practical Courses.

S.Y.B.S.C. Course Structure

Year Semester Subject Title of Theory Papers
II I CS-211 Data Structures Using C
CS-212 Relational Database Management Systems
MT-211 Mathematics Paper I
MT-212 Mathematics Paper II
EL-211 Electronics Paper I
EL-212 Electronics Paper II
EN-211 Technical English
II CS-221 Object Oriented Concepts using C++
CS-222 Software Engineering
MT-221 Mathematics Paper I
MT-222 Mathematics Paper II
EL-221 Electronics Paper I
EL-221 Electronics Paper II
EN-221 Technical English

Laboratory Courses

CS-223 Data structures Practicals and C++ Practicals
CS-224 Database Practicals& Mini Project using Software Engineering techniques
MT-223 Practical Course in Mathematics
EL-223 Practical Course in Electronics

T.Y.B.S.C. (Computer Science)

Eligibility: F.Y. B.S.C. (Computer Science) passed with all subjects and S.Y.B.S.C. (Computer Science) passed or passed with ATKT as per the SavitribaiPhule Pune University rules.

T.Y.B.S.C. Course Structure

Year Semester Subject Title of Theory Papers
III III CS-331 Systems Programming
CS-332 Theoretical Computer Science
CS-333 Computer Networks-I
CS-334 Internet Programming-I
CS-335 Programming in Java-I
CS-336 Object Oriented Software Engineering
IV CS-341 Operating System
CS-342 Compiler Construction
CS-343 Computer Networks-II
CS-344 Internet Programming-II
CS-345 Programming in Java-II
CS-346 Computer Graphics
CS-348 Programming in Java and Computer Graphics in Java (Lab-II)
CS-349 Programming in PHP and Project (Lab-III)

Laboratory Courses

CS-347 System Programming and Operating System (Lab-I)
CS-348 Programming in Java and Computer Graphics in Java (Lab-II)
CS-349 Programming in PHP and Project (Lab-III)


Courses Under Graduate POs/COs
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